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Types of Media
Who does what?

Most newspapers and magazines, radio and television stations feature the following staff line-ups. Use it as your guide for creating media lists and pitching stories.

Newspapers & Magazines

Editor, managing editor, or executive editor. Determines overall editorial stance of the newspaper (in conjunction with editorial page personnel) and the general thrust of news gathering.

Metropolitan or city editor. Makes day-to-day decisions on what to cover and who will do it. Can refer you to the reporter who covers your beat.

Editorial page editor. Writes some or all editorials. Supervises any other editorial writers, and those responsible for selecting op-ed pieces and letters to the editor.

Feature editor. Assigns edits and often writes human-interest stories. Usually works closely with Sunday editor.

Lifestyle editor. Similar to feature editor.

Columnist. Writes regular special interest articles on topics such as: outdoors, environment, politics, arts.

Beat reporter. Specializes in a particular field such as environment, energy, education, labor, medicine etc?

Correspondent/Stringer. Covers (on a contractualy basis) a geographical region in the outlying circulation are of a newspaper.

Television & Radio

Executive producer. Lead person for a particular program or a series of programs.

Producer. Responsible for the overall tone and content of news programs and, on smaller stations, assigns crews to cover particular stories.

Assignment editor. On larger stations makes day-to-day decisions about what to cover and who will cover it.

A Futures editor may also screen releases and advisories sent in more than a day in advance.

Station manager. On smaller stations sets policy on news coverage and supervises overall operation.

Program director. May determine content and select participants of talk shows etc?

Public affairs director. In charge of public service announcements.

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