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How to Make It Happen
Types of Media
Identify your target audience: Who do you want to influence with your story? How can you communicate with this audience via the media?

Are you trying to reach policymakers? Then you need to focus on the publications they most often read - and respect. For example, consider a campaign aimed at environmental reform of the World Bank. The goal of the effort is to force policymakers to make environmental issues a more central part of the policymaking process. Since the campaign must pressure World Bank officials, it must also, therefore, approach the media that the Bank follows most closely - such as the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. Or maybe your organization wants the pressure to come from Congressional officials; if so, you should reach out to papers such as Roll Call, The Hill, or the Washington Post.

Suppose you are working on a more grassroots-driven effort such as the fight over Organic Food labels, or Jet Ski use in the National Parks. This may call for contacting print media in key states in which parks are located, or papers read by key legislators on the Agriculture committee. These stories also offer good visuals, such as people riding jet skis or TV reporters roaming through grocery stores. This would be a good opportunity for on-site television interviews with your strongest spokespeople.

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