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Media Skills and Tactics
You know how important the media is in educating the public and influencing policy makers. You've gone through your messages and you've laid out your communications plans. Now it's time to implement your new media and communications campaign. This section provides you with the practical tools and examples you need to write for the media, hold a press event, talk with a reporter, and much more.

Writing for the Press

  • Media Advisories
  • Press Releases
  • Pitch Letters
  • Press Releases vs. Press Letters
  • Background Materials
  • Editorial Boards
  • Writing and Publishing an Op-Ed
  • Writing Effective Letters to the Editor
  • Rapid Response

    Press Events

  • Planning a Press Event
  • Talking to Reporters: Making Your Pitch
  • Types of Media Events
  • Spokespeople
  • Press Packets

    Creative Alternatives

  • Feature Stories
  • Newspaper Columnists
  • PSAs
  • Print Advertising
  • Editorial Boards
  • Talk Radio


  • Polling

    Successful Interviewing

  • 5 General Guidelines for a Succesful Interview
  • The Message is Everything
  • Preparing
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Techniques of the Pros
  • Follow-up: After the Interview
  • Help! I Have a TV Interview

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