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Talk Radio

Study the Subject

Knowing the ownership and format of the stations you listen to helps you maximize the effectiveness of your interaction with them. Michael Harrison, editor and president of Talkers, the leading industry publication states, "Know your show, know your host, know your station. Not understanding where the listeners are coming from could actually hurt your cause."

Keep these tips in mind:

Remember that you don't have to call in to Rush Limbaugh your first time - or any time. Friendly and neutral forums need to hear from listeners who agree in order to prove to station managers and sponsors that they are wanted programs. Mobilizing call-ins to guests sympathetic to our causes is one important way to build support for our efforts.

Listen to as many programs as you can, on several of your area stations.

Listen to the types of callers that make it onto the air. Note to yourself which callers grab your ear, and remember their positive qualities.

Keep in mind that local stations and programs will be easier to contact than large market or nationally syndicated programs such as "Larry King" and "Rush Limbaugh," which have a person who screens calls for the host, in addition to a regular busy signal.

When you have chosen a station and a particular show to target, listen to it at least three times in order to determine its format, style, and political leaning. Pay attention to announcements of upcoming guests who will address your priority issues.

In listening to your target, note any patterns the host demonstrates. Listen for the length of the guest speaker's initial presentation, and the types of statements and questions that the host views as good lead-ins for a caller.

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