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Talk Radio

Pick Up The Phone

Once you have decided what you want to say, be prepared for some potential delays. You may get through the first time to a small local radio station, but in most markets, and especially on nationally syndicated shows, be prepared to be kept on hold, or to reach a busy signal numerous times. Especially with the larger shows, you may want to begin calling 10-15 minutes prior to airtime in order to get through, but whatever happens, don't give up!

When you get through, you may be questioned about what you are going to say. Offer your main point and identify yourself as a concerned citizen.

With a particularly conservative host, try to agree at least nominally with a recent point when you are being questioned about what you are going to say. The listening audience will also be more receptive to ideas more directly related to the host's since they tune in for that host's program. Although some disagreement will gain the host's attention, crafting your message in populist terms, using compassion, common sense and understanding, will help your message be well-received.

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