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Talk Radio

Define Your Goal

If you concentrate on your goal the entire time you are on the phone, your radio call-in will be much more effective.

You probably only have two minutes for your call. Jot down a quick cheat sheet with your most important fact or soundbite right at the top to remind you. For example:

Encourage Participation in our Democracy

A guest is talking about the findings of a recent public opinion poll on citizen satisfaction with government. You call to relate your experiences writing to Congress on a regular basis, encourage all citizens to communicate with their policy makers and give the Congressional Switchboard phone number (202) 225-3121.

Inspire Action on an Upcoming Vote

The guest is talking about the budget. You call to educate listeners about the bloated military budget and to inform them that a vote is upcoming on specific weapons systems that are unnecessary and could be eliminated to save taxpayers' money.

Educate Citizens or Clarify Popular Fallacies

The guest is discussing federal regulations and the burden they impose on business and citizens. You call to point out a "good news" regulation, The Clean Water Act, and how it, like many other important protections for our health, is threatened by most proposed regulatory "reforms." Then ask the listeners to take action by calling or writing to their Representative or Senator to ask them to reconsider their stance on regulation.

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