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How to Make It Happen
Communications Strategy And Planning
Step 5 - Always Evaluate

Too often, time pressures leave you few opportunities to think about how effective your actions have been. The way you appear in the media is how others learn about your group and judge its actions. So make sure your timetable includes some way to measure your effectiveness. You will want to do even better the next time.

If your goal is recruiting members, include benchmarks to assess your progress - like 25 new members in a two-month period. That way, you'll be prepared to redirect your campaign mid-stream if necessary.

To evaluate your media campaign, monitor your coverage. Did it deliver the message you wanted - or were there consistent patterns in the coverage that differed from your goals? Always think about what you might change to avoid similar problems in the future. And don't forget to get copies of positive stories about your group or issue to members - and funders. Then, put copies of the clips into your press packet for your next media campaign.

Ask people outside your organization to evaluate your publicity, too. Have they gotten the image you want them to have of your members and their activities? Look back at your goals and benchmarks to see where you fell short. And LEARN from your mistakes.

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