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How to Make It Happen
Communications Strategy And Planning
Step 1 - Think it Through

A successful plan must also take into account your group's strengths and weaknesses. You cannot reasonably expect your media strategy to be effective if you don't effectively take into account your goals and resources. The planning process need not take forever. But, you need to think before you act. Time spent brainstorming and analyzing options with others in your group should result in less work during the heat of the campaign - more coverage at the end of it.

To choose the best approach for your organization, fill in the answers to these questions:

What are my overall campaign goals?

What are the goals of my organization?

What do I want to accomplish in this campaign?

Who is for us?

Who is against us?

Who doesn't care but should?

Who needs to hear our voice?

What do we plan to say?

How will media coverage help me achieve my goals?

What do I want to accomplish (reasonably) through media outreach?

(The following questions are ones to consider, but not necessarily one that gets a direct answer.)
Is it getting one key story that slowly helps turn the tide?

Is it a mass-media frenzy that gets to the general public?

What kind of resources (money, time, people, etc.) do I have to spend on media outreach?

How high is my goal/message already on the public's or government's agenda? (The higher, the better and the more you can do with the media )

How will I gauge my success?

...or, continue on to Step 2.

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