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Print Advertising

Step 3: Send it out!

Send the ads to each publication's advertising director or promotions coordinator (find out which one is appropriate when you call to request the ad specs) with a cover note explaining who you are and why their readers would be interested in your message. Be sure to include the fact that you are a nonprofit organization and that you are interested in "remnant" space only (you don't want to get charged for the ad). You may also want to include promotional items you can offer the magazine in return. For example, if you have a web site, you could provide a link to the magazine's web site in exchange for ad placement. If you want to advertise an upcoming event, you could agree to pass out complementary issues of the magazine at the event in exchange for placement. If you are a membership organization, try offering a membership discount to the magazine's readers. (In this case, stress that by using your ad, the magazine is providing a service to its readers.)

After you send out the ads to the magazine(s), follow up with a phone call to the director of advertising to discuss your options further. If you find out your ad will be used, be prepared for the follow up. Your message won't help you if readers aren't able to get through to you when they respond!

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