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Print Advertising

Step 1: Preparation

Make a list of magazines that have target audiences similar to your own. For example, if you are an outdoor recreation group, Backpacker and Outside Magazines would be good candidates. Look through a media guide, such as Burrelle's or Bacon's, which index magazines by subject. (If you don't own one of these you can find one in most public libraries. You may also be able to do an internet search.) It's a good idea to go beyond one subject area. For example, if you are a hiking group, you might want to think about travel magazines and exercise magazines in addition to outdoor publications.

Once you have your list, contact each publication and ask for their advertising specifics or "ad specs." This will include the size of the ads they use, price list and schedule. Remember, most magazines are on the newsstand the month before their cover date, which means they are printed two to three months earlier.

In addition to spec sheets, collect samples of each magazine so you are familiar with the advertising they traditionally use. Note if it is a black-and-white publication or color; glossy or newsprint.

On to Step 2: Design your ad.

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