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Planning a Press Event

Tracking Press Calls

Tracking progress on press calls can be as simple as the following:

Calls for (Event name and date)

Name, Washington Times, (phone)
4.8 faxed info
4.13 has info, will call if he needs anything

Name, Reuters Atlanta, (phone)
4.7 left voice mail
4.9 faxed info, out of town on assignment, back in office 4.10
4.13 interested in interviewing speaker, can call back if no word by 4.20

Name, Gazette (IA), (phone)
4.9 took name, number, will get back to me, might assign
4.14 faxed material

Name, Capital (MD), (phone)
waiting for local, local angle

Or, you can use this sample form for calls:

Outlet: ______________________________________________

Reporter Name and Title:______________________________

Phone/Fax: __________________________________________

Contact Notes:

Date NotesFollow-Up?

For a printable version of this form, click here.

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