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Planning a Press Event


Develop a sign-in sheet for reporters who attend your press conference. Check the list immediately and identify key reporters and media outlets who did not attend. If possible, courier or hand deliver the press kit to key outlets not attending the press conference (unless they have already told you they are not interested) and follow up an hour or so later with a call to key reporters or editors. Often, this type of follow-up can increase coverage of news events or stimulate additional stories.

If you have the time and resources, have someone attend the press event and write up a quick media release that summarizes the most compelling aspects of the event. This should be sent out to your original list and any other reporters that you feel should be added, based on content of the story/event. The release can also be used later to provide quotes or information to reporters who call for information. Releases can also be prepared in advance, since you already know what the speakers expect to say. More on media calls... (link)


It is important to review what worked at each press event and what did not. Schedule an evaluation with key staff as soon as possible to review the organization of the event, the way in which press conference participants reacted to press questions, and the coverage or lack of it. The evaluation session should also look at ways in which press contacts can be made more effectively for the next news event.

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