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Press Packets

Whether you are delivering information to the media by mail, fax or at an event, you should provide the appropriate background to make your best case. Although your news may only consist of a one- or two-page release, the background material supporting this news and credentialing your organization can also prove important in generating coverage.

The problem with most press packets is that they concentrate on providing information rather than conveying messages. All of your documentation (statistics, quotes, and so forth) should be arranged in a clear, concise way that supports the key themes you want to highlight. Information must be credible, concise, and well-documented. Remember, your several-page packet will likely be boiled down to several paragraphs in a story, so help a reporter write the story by focusing on the key elements.

If you give reporters too much information, you give them a choice of what to cover and risk overwhelming them to the point where they won't read any of it. You should make the choice - then sell that choice by supporting it with focused, well-written materials.

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