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Sample Pitches

Courtesy of Fenton Communications

Your job is to take the most interesting and timely aspects of the story and condense them into 30 seconds or less, including a brief introduction of yourself.

Check out these sample pitches:

Report release with regional angles

"A report coming out next Tuesday names cities with the most pot-holed and deteriorated expressways. This is the first report to outline how much money poorly maintained roads are costing drivers. It turns out that drivers spend four times more repairing the damage to their cars caused by crumbling urban expressways than state highway departments spend each year to fix them. But, states continue to divert maintenance funds to build new highways, rather than fixing the ones that are in bad shape."

Details of the press conference . . .

Background briefing for features that also has several hard news hooks

Two reporters from a Fox TV station in Tampa who will talk about pressure from Monsanto. They did an investigative piece on Bovine Growth Hormone in Florida that revealed some of the HealthCanada science. Monsanto found out about their story and pressured the Fox network in New York. The reporters were asked to change their story in ways they thought were "false, inaccurate." After more than 70 rewrites they were fired. They are now suing the TV station and filing a complaint with the FCC.

Talking about human health concerns:

Monsanto's own studies have linked BGH to cysts in rats, illness in cows

Talking about FDA approval:

Officially approved in 1993. These old Monsanto studies documenting health risks are now coming public because of the Health canada review.

On Tuesday the Center for Technology Assessment will demand that the FDA take BGH off the market or face a lawsuit.

Details of who/where/when.....

Book release with time-specific angle

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we should recognize the importance of native honey bees in making Thanksgiving foods such as pumpkins, apples, cranberries, almonds and squash possible. For the past five years there has been the worst honeybee decline in history, field research by the Forgotten Pollinators Campaign found that pollination by wild native bees has averted shortages of fruits and vegetables that are a staple of the holiday season.

Dr. Stephen Buchman, entomologist and one of the world's leading bee experts, co-director of the Forgotten Pollinators Campaign
Dr. Gary Nabhan, co-director of the Forgotten Pollinators Campaign

Then, try to set up meeting or show date, etc. Offer to send the materials and book.

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