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Talking to Reporters,
Making Your Pitch

Fielding incoming calls

When receiving press calls, make sure anyone who may answer the phone is prepared to take careful messages. Get the name, number and organization calling, as well as their deadline. If you do not have the information right in front of you, do not hesitate to ask the reporter if you can call right back with some answers, someone to talk to, etc. Always remember, an imminent deadline should receive an immediate call back from the appropriate spokesperson.

Have only trained people answer press inquiries. Don't let an untrained person field press questions. Have them take a very specific message, and have the right person call back.

Also when receiving calls, you may have the opportunity to try a new angle, or tell the longer story to further interest a reporter, or to get them to cover your side of the story more in-depth. Other reporters may call you looking for information to write a story when they are unable to attend.

Check out the section on pitch letters for samples to fax or send to reporters. Look at different types of background information that can be sent as well.

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