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Types of Media Events

Briefings and Press Conferences

Press conferences should be organized only when your organization has "breaking" news to report, such as a reaction to a very important issue, a new report with intriguing findings, or another issue that deserves same-day press coverage. If you plan to organize a press conference, make sure that you have a compelling story to tell - nothing is worse than having more members from your organization in the room than reporters.

If you have very little money, or are short-staffed, a press conference may not be the best course of action. These briefings take a great deal of time, energy, and resources to organize. There are several alternatives, some detailed below, such as press calls, one-on-one meetings, or other informal briefing sessions.

Press briefings can contain a great deal more background and serve as an information-gathering session for many reporters. Briefings can take the form of a breakfast or luncheon, or they can be slightly more formal (with a podium and microphone). These can be a good way to consolidate efforts and allow several reporters to speak with your experts or representatives at the same time. However, the emphasis here is much less on breaking news than on setting the stage for future stories.

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