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Editorial Board Mailings

Some issues may have broad-based appeal or are not that complicated. Since most organizations have a limited budget and it is difficult to set up one-on-one meetings outside of your immediate area, editorial board mailings can also be quite useful.

A typical mailing should contain the same type of materials you would bring to a meeting or put in a press kit. However, instead of stating your case in person, you must rely on a letter directly aimed at getting a reporter's or editor's interest.

The Dear Journalist Letter

This type of letter is geared at getting and keeping a reporter's interest - so that he/she will read the enclosed materials and write about your issue. The letter should contain the following:

  • the immediate news hook - what about this issue has been in the news lately, or should be
  • the most compelling facts of the story
  • a short summary of the issue (1 paragraph)
  • context for to why this paper's readers will be interested - the local/regional angle, or the consumer, public health, or other 'right to know' angle
  • indicate that materials have been enclosed
  • close with a word of "thanks" for the writer's time and consideration


If time and budget allow, it is always a good idea to follow your mailing with a call to writers at the most important outlets.

Check out some sample letters on

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