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Editorial Boards

The political leanings of a newspaper are expressed on the editorial pages. Editorials can be signed or unsigned opinion pieces printed under the paper's name. These are different from op-eds, which are written by experts or others not directly affiliated with the newspaper. Editorials in nationally recognized papers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post are highly regarded by local and national policymakers.

Editorials in regional and local papers are very useful when trying to reach congressional representatives, local government representatives, or other professionals influenced by public opinion.

When you consider the effect that editorials can have, it may be in your best interest to persuade the paper's policy to reflect your own. It is now time to talk to the editorial board. A paper's editorial board is usually made up of the paper's editor, editorial page editors, and publisher. Since meetings are rare, and you want to remain in good standing as a source for environmental issues, choose your opportunities to meet with editors carefully - remember, you are asking for their valuable time.

A large paper may have editors assigned to write about issue areas such as education and environment. Many large newspapers hold daily meetings to discuss upcoming editorials or issues.

Editorials are typically written two or three days in advance, but may be written a week or more before use. Keep these deadlines in mind.

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